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Customer reviews

Nils P. from Berlin

The offered Ford Focus dedicated me immediately. Your salesteam provided a fast and uncomplicated handling of the car purchase. I am very satisfied with the advice. I´m looking forward to the next car purchase. 

Stefan C. from Felde

I have been looking for a used VW Tiguan for a longer time. Then I came across an offer with an interesting price / performance ratio at "Dat Autohus" - I called immediately and blocked the car.

After the call I got an e-mail with a detailed optical condition report of DEKRA. So I already knew what to expect before I set off. The next day I visited „Dat Autohus“ and took a look at the car. I was convinced and bought it. Thank you for the smooth running!

Through a high commitment of my seller I could get the car even before the anticipated date of delivery - super! The car is great and I am totally satisfied. I will definitely come back to „Dat Autohus“ if I´m looking for my next car. 

Vitali S. from Schwerin

We bought our Mercedes E-220 4 months ago and have since driven over 7,000 km in it. We are very satisfied with our purchase decision.

Mr Loomans took plenty of time for our questions and explained everything expertly and in detail.

At this point I would also like to thank the claims department for their support and quick processing of our contact. This is how customer service should be when buying a car, including after the sale.

If we need a new Mercedes in a few years, we will come by and see you again. We will be pleased to recommend you.

Buying a car from you was a very positive experience.

Jeanette W. from Delmenhorst

My Renault is a real catch! We also tested it straight away and drove on holiday with it. We got on well with the salesman D. Stöhr and I think if he hadn’t been on holiday during the sales process, we’d also have got the vehicle quicker. I would have liked a little compensation for the waiting time. Otherwise, we’re hoping for a few nice, reliable years with this car and we can well imagine buying from Autohus again.

Petra P. from Moormerland

More than 3 months after the purchase of our new car we are still as satisfied as the first day. Thank you very much Mr. Loomans for the pleasant assistance and the service. We will definitely recommend DAT AUTOHUS. 

PS: Also our dog loves the new car.

Nicole K. fom Emden

Positive: a large choice of vehicles, the precise description of defects or scratches and the friendly service. I had a good feeling!

Negative: the parking light was faulty and my waiting time was 2 weeks longer than normal on account of a mishap. Dat Autohus has certainly presented me with the short-time badge because of the waiting time.

I am very satisfied with everything as a whole!Everything is clear and transparent. Ihad very bad experiencesmyself with buying motor cars a few months ago (the matter is going to court).I have a very good feeling in this case. I feel comfortable in my Opel Astra! The vehicle was described precisely. I would recommend Dat Autohus! I hope that I will still have a lot of fun with the car for a long time. I will return to Dat Autohus again after many years, if things go like that.

Family Z. from Bardowick

We have bought the car at the beginning of September 2015 and check it every day. We are still in love with our new car. Our kids also find it great and have a lot of room to sit.

Dirk D. from Walsrode

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Ms Suppertfor the warm welcome and pleasant assistance.

We were also very impressed by the competent and sincere consultation provided by Mr Loomans.

We are very happy with the vehicle. We will definitely also purchase our next company car from you.

Jan-Philipp B. and Nikolas G. from Lüneburg

The handling process was quick and trouble-free and we were left without a single doubt. Mr. Upel gave us some great advice. Also, when it came to trying out the car, everything ran smoothly and the staff were very friendly.

Thomas-Valentin S. from Heist

What I liked most about Autohus was the wide range and the good advice. I can also only speak positively of the quick and meticulous process. When it came to trying out a car, I was immediately given a key and was able to go for a test drive on site.

I was very happy with the salesman: Mr. Upel. I can’t even give any suggestions for improvement.

Frank E. from Walsrode

My purchase from DAT AUTOHUS was hassle-free. Furthermore, the smooth handling process was first class thanks to Ms. Mendel’s advice. The service is pleasant and friendly as well as competent.

I will definitely buy my next car from Autohus.

Andrea E. from Ramstein

My trusted salesman: Mark Grave.

I was completely satisfied with the very friendly advice. The purchasing process was trouble-free and much quicker than I expected, for which I am extremely thankful. I can only recommend DAT AUTOHUS and will also buy my next car from them!

Huge thanks to DAT AUTOHUS and Mr. Grave!

Onur S. from Bremerhaven

Thank you Ms. Mendel for the smooth completion. This is already the second car we bought from DAT AUTOHUS, again and again.

Daniel B. from Hamburg

I am very satisfied with my purchase from Autohus. They have a very wide range of vehicles. I compared a lot of prices in the internet and found that the prices at Autohus beat the competition. Before you buy a car you should look at the Autohus business model and realise that the prices in the internet do not include the few euros extra you need for a guarantee and also any costs for the possible exchange of worn parts. However, I bought my BMW 330d at a very fair price and can only recommend Autous further.

Mr Loomans gave us very good and fair advice and explained everything about the purchase process beforehand. I would be happy to buy my next car from Autohus!

Rainer B. from Hamburg

I bought my BMW 318d Touring from DAT AUTOHUS and came to the conclusion, I should have bought my previous car from here, too. From expressing interest in a car at the first meeting up to driving my new used car home only took a few days – and I always had the feeling I was being given very competent and friendly advice and what was especially great, without being pressurised at all. I'm almost sad that my contact with the salesman ends now that I've bought the car because I'll always remember the really friendly and indirect way Mr Stöhr, the salesman, had about him. No hesitation in recommending.

Uwe B. from Bremen

I was looking for a car in October 2013. Now, when it comes to used cars, Autohus has a very good reputation.There was a great selection, so at first it was hard for me to find the right car, but using the PC's available was fantastic in narrowing the choice down to some possible vehicles. I checked the car I had selected on and it was the only one available at this low price for this year of construction.No sooner said than done, I took out an all-inclusive package to cover all the formalities including financing, the whole thing was a quick, clear-cut process. Audi's weren't my first choice visually-speaking, so Mr Grave and I again picked out some good-looking wheels and I think the results speak for themselves.Since I've had the car it's felt like it's a brand-new one. Plus, the car came with extras that I hadn't even dreamed of, absolutely fantastic! If you target your approach and know exactly what you want, then I can quite happily recommend Autohus!

Stefano A. from Hagen

We were very satisfied with the advice. Thank you for the fast and uncomplicated handling of the car purchase.
Great car, great service!

Family E. from Neustadt

The salesman we trust: Daniel Stöhr. We got very good customer advice due to his polite, very nice and unobtrusive manner. All the formalities were completed without any problems and the value for money of the vehicles and winter tyres is good.We are thoroughly satisfied with how everything went and can recommend DAT AUTOHUS with a clear conscience.

Family van R. from Bückeburg

It is already the third time that we have bought a “new” used car from DAT AUTOHUS. We like the professional handling of the sales process, the friendly staff and the huge selection of vehicles – we like it and will do it again.

Sören J. from Wittmund

Thanks to DAT AUTOHUS for the fast, easy and smooth process. I´m very satisfied and I can only recommend DAT AUTOHUS.

Anna I. from Oldenburg

We were very pleased. The price performance ratio is great and we were well advised.

We would recommend it to anyone - thanks again for that.

Rainer S. from Hof (Saale)

I would like to say a really big thank you for the great advice I got in your car dealership.

Starting from my first contact with Mr Loomans. He explained everything about the vehicle and the procedures in your car dealership.

When Mr Loomans was ill Mr Schmidt then stood in for him, looking after us in an outstanding manner and taking care of organising the delivery.

I would also like to thank Ms Schult most sincerely for her friendly support and efforts when we collected the vehicle on Thursday 6 February.

We have recommended your company to our friends and acquaintances.

Marcell S. from Tostedt

I looked around for a long time and have now found my dream car at AUTOHUS. Although the general opinion of AUTOHUS has not always been so great, making me a bit sceptical, I experienced exactly the opposite.

Everything went smoothly, everything was explained to me in detail and the procedure was very relaxed. Unfortunately the weather was very bad when I collected the car…

Many thanks once again to the AUTOHUS team – I will buy a car from you again and again. Mr Stöhr is the salesman I trust.

Hans Dieter E. from Beverstedt

I bought my Peugeot Partner from you. DAT AUTOHUS offers a huge selection of vehicles at good prices. I like the service a lot. Choose – pay – drive away!

Abdulmutalip K. from Bremen

I found out about a vehicle from DAT AUTOHUS in the internet. After visiting the dealership I immediately got a positive impression. I was able to look at the car directly and all my questions about the car and financing were quickly answered by the nice salesman Mr Stöhr.

I would work with him again at any time.

DAT AUTOHUS offers a really big selection of vehicles and very good service from its sales staff.

Family S. from Cuxhaven

We would like to thank you very much once again for the good advice and top service. With such a huge choice of cars it was possible for us to find the right one for us.

We will recommend DAT AUTOHUS.

Our thanks to Mr Junge who was very helpful with his expert advice.

Michael G. from Werlte

In October 2013 I bought my Audi A3 from DAT AUTOHUS in Bockel. I´m very satisfied with my car. The purchase was very easy and the selection of vehicles is very large.

Vedat K. from Bremen

I have bought my second car from DAT AUTOHUS. I am very satisfied and I will also buy a third car from here. I can only recommend DAT AUTOHUS. They are very professional – my whole family buys from Mr Stöhr.

Yvonne H. from Damlos

We bought a VW Passat from DAT AUTOHUS in Bockel in January 2014. After doing some research in the internet we came across DAT AUTOHUS because of its good value for money. When we got there we made our choice and then took a quick test drive. After this our attention was drawn to the optical report. We were also informed that as private customers the MOT and also a technical report would be done for the car that we would pay for. After paying a deposit, getting the MOT and the report we were able to collect our car after 5 days. We would like to than Mr Loomans for his friendly and open advice and would recommend DAT AUTOHUS.

Onur S. from Bremerhaven

The value for money of the vehicles is great. The purchase was very easy. We will recommend DAT AUTOHUS and Mr. Krutsch!

Family D. from Hamburg

The value for money is great! The purchase was very uncomplicated. We will recommend DAT AUTOHUS and Mr. Stöhr.

Eckhard K. from Woltersdorf

DAT AUTOHUS has a huge selection of very good cars and a good, friendly advice. The purchase was quickly and smoothly. A good car dealership - definitely recommend to others.

Bastian B. from Berlin

A great selection, good service and friendly advice even after the purchase are distinguished from DAT AUTOHUS!

I would definitely come back again ..!

Folko W. from Hamburg

Thank you again for all your support. I was very satisfied with the customer service at DAT AUTOHUS. I particularly liked the wide choice of vehicles as well as the fact that you have plenty of time to look at the vehicle without a salesman trying to influence you which makes buying a car very relaxed. The same applies to the sales consultation. The dealer’s objectivity exuded a sense of trust and the whole process was overall very fair and clear. Another positive thing was that Mr Romoth had so much time for me and that the handover of the vehicle was so flexible – it was also possible to do this on a Saturday and could even be postponed to another date due to my business trip. I would recommend DAT AUTOHUS anytime.

Thank you very much for the excellent support.

Marcel J. from Bremen

I would here like to express my thanks for the cooperation with Mr Dettki which helped fulfil a dream of mine.

I had been looking for a suitable Audi A5 Coupé for 1.5 years. I only came to your dealership to have a look and then I saw it there. A short test drive on your company grounds and the friendly sales consultation with Mr Dettki answered all my questions concerning the vehicle and the financing. Your company’s flexibility also helped solve the problems with the vehicle registration office.

There were only 2 weeks between my initial contact and the vehicle handover with Mr Dettki. A brief visit to your dealership also offered expert advice for setting the vehicle’s navigation system, the radio and the on board technology etc. I have now been driving my dream Audi for 2 months and with every kilometre I am very pleased that I chose DAT AUTOHUS in Bremen!

Thank you very, very much for this.

Hartmut K. from Rastede

DAT AUTOHUS offers a great selection of vehicles. We had a friendly and competent advice and have found our dream car.

Daniel A. from Bremerhaven

In January 2014, I bought myself a Golf 6 from the 'DAT AUTOHUS' showroom in Bockel. I was interested in visiting this dealer because I had heard about his large selection of vehicles and good value for money.

I was greeted by a friendly and capable salesman, who offered me a wide choice of cars and even let me test drive a car straightaway. It was thanks to this salesman's dedication that I was able to complete all the sales procedures and collect my car in only four working days. I would like to extend my gratitude to the salesman in question, Mr. Björn Meyer.

I can unreservedly recommend 'DAT AUTOHUS' and I will be sure to return to this dealer as soon as it is time for my next car purchase.

Ulrich D. from Blender

My trusted car showroom

I am extremely satisfied with my newly purchased, used, Dekra-tested Nissan X-Trail. This is now the third car that I have bought from this showroom. I have never had any serious problems with any of the cars I have bought from there. I have also benefited from the fair valuation and part exchange of my previous vehicles, the competent and friendly sales advisers, and the fact that they keep to all the promises they make. This has made each and every purchase a stress-free experience, despite the large, yet clearly structured range of vehicles available.

Hans-Joachim N. from Weyhe

I visited your 'AUTOHUS' showroom in December. I was served by Mr. Stöhr, and everything he told me was proven to be right! Never before has buying a car been such a relaxed and uncomplicated experience. I certainly hope to be served by Mr. Stöhr when I make my next car purchase.

Great service: five stars!

Daniela M. aus Bramsche

Ich kannte DAT AUTOHUS vom Vorbeifahren auf der Autobahn und fand es schon ziemlich reichhaltig. Aber als ich dann da war und einen Opel Astra suchte, war ich fasziniert wie riesig die Auswahl tatsächlich ist. Ein großes Lob auch an den kompetenten, freundlichen Verkäufer Herrn Loomans, der beim Verkauf für einen rundum sorglosen Ablauf sorgte. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen.

Jenna W. aus Metjendorf

Ich habe meinen Opel Corsa, mein erstes Auto, nun seit gut vier Monaten und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Er ist jeden Tag mein treuer Begleiter zur Arbeit.

Zum Ablauf des Autokaufs kann ich nur sagen, dass ich mich gut aufgehoben gefühlt habe. Auf eine professionelle optische Begutachtung folgte eine technische. Somit kann auch ich, die keine große Ahnung von Autos hat, dem Auto vertrauen.

Auch der Kontakt zu Herrn Loomans lief professionell ab. Wenn ich irgendwann ein neues Auto benötige, werde ich mich wieder bei Dat Autohus melden.

Marina K. aus Beverstedt

Mit den richtigen Verkäufern ist der Traum vom Auto kein Albtraum, ich bin mehr als zufrieden! Leider war ich unter Zeitdruck da mein altes Auto bereits kaputt war, doch die Verkäufer waren sehr engagiert und konnten meinen Wunsch nach einem neuen Wagen mit meinen Anforderungen schnell erfüllen. Vielen Dank, jederzeit wieder!

Nils P. aus Berlin

Das Angebot des Ford Focus überzeugte mich sofort. Ihre Verkäufer sorgten für ein rundum sorglosen Ablauf. Beratung und Kaufabwicklung erfolgten zur vollsten Zufriedenheit. Ich freue mich auf ein erneutes Wiedersehen bei DAT AUTOHUS.