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Safety through quality

Right on track with our personal service

Take advantage of an extensive test drive together with a DEKRA expert on board when the vehicle is delivered.

You have already purchased your vehicle from us and are now looking forward to delivery. We offer you a test drive together with a DEKRA expert so that you will have a secure feeling with your new vehicle now and in the future.

This gives you an opportunity to clear up any questions or impressions you might have with a professional.

Please let our sales representative know when you make the appointment for the vehicle delivery if you would like to take advantage of this free service.

No many things come naturally. Except of course a commitment to quality

We provide the highest standard of quality. All our cars have been thoroughly optical checked and completely cleaned to protect their value.

Once a car has been checked and cleaned by us, it is inspected and assessed by an outside independent automotive expert.

Any defects, including scratches, are carefully documented and photographed. All our cars come with reports which are available for your inspection. You can see these reports on our terminals.