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Frequently asked questions about the buying process

Can I take the car for a test drive?
Due to the huge number of vehicles, you can only take the vehicle for a test drive on the company premises – just imagine, on peak days, we might otherwise have 200 vehicles with our trade licence plates on the road at the same time. However, if you would like additional reassurance that your vehicle is in perfect condition beyond the used vehicle seal of approval inspection report, we also offer the option to end customers to take the vehicle for a test drive in the company of a technical expert on handover; this test drive can then also be carried out away from the company premises. Please do not hesitate to ask!
Can I buy any car?
If you are a trader or an export buyer, our entire offer is available to you. You can choose from over 3,000 cars. If you are a private buyer, we are sure you will appreciate that we usually only sell vehicles with over 180,000km on the clock and/or vehicles that are older than eight years to our business and export customers.
Can I part exchange my current car?
Of course, we are also happy to take your used car in part exchange once you have decided on a new used car. You can immediately deduct the part exchange value from the purchase price of your new car.

If there is outstanding finance on your vehicle, we will settle the loan for you and deal with all of the necessary formalities. We will handle the entire process for you.

One of our team will remove the number plates from your current vehicle, and will immediately hand in an off road notification at the local vehicle licensing agency office.

Your car insurance company and the German vehicle excise duty agency will be informed automatically.
Does my car come with a warranty?
To be able to offer our used vehicles at such affordable prices, we need a fast throughput, and as a wholesaler, we also need to turn over a high number of vehicles. We are therefore unable to check every vehicle thoroughly. The technical experts compile an expert report for each vehicle, the so-called used car visual inspection report, which describes the visual condition of the vehicle in detail.
In addition, every customer has the chance to thoroughly inspect the vehicle themselves on our premises.
However, to ensure that you are well-prepared if the worst comes to the worst, we also offer a comprehensive range of affordable used car warranties.

Our staff will be happy to help you to choose the warranty package that's right for you.
Do I also have to factor in repair costs?
The next step once you have decided to buy one of our vehicles is that the car will be shown to a vehicle inspection engineer. Depending on the inspection category you have chosen, the engineer will inspect the vehicle according to the German vehicle road safety inspection ("HU") and/or Dekra seal of approval criteria and will, if applicable, draw up a list of recommended repairs. It will be presented to you in the form of a cost estimate, divided according to German vehicle road safety inspection ("HU") and/or Dekra seal of approval criteria. You then have the option of agreeing with the recommendations and have the vehicle repaired, or you can withdraw from your intended purchase if you do not agree. This will not cost you anything apart from the separately agreed reservation fee.
How can I pay?
Pay for your new used car simply and securely via direct debit. However, you are also welcome to apply to one of our partner banks for finance. It's easy: You determine the term of the loan and the monthly payment amount – our staff then deal with everything else.

Please refer to the following list for the payment methods we accept:

Payment in cash - (Please ensure that you can present all of the necessary legitimation documents as we are legally obliged to confirm your identity on the basis of identification documents.)

Direct debit - Transfer the amount due to our bank account; please remember to include the contract of sale number and your customer number, both of which you will find printed on the contact of sale

Payment by debit card - If you are paying by debit card (EC card issued by a German bank only), please ensure that the card is still valid and that your bank has authorised the respective amount.

Credit card – We accept VISA and Mastercard credit card payments up to an amount of €2000. Due to the high transaction fees charged by the credit card companies, we are sure you will appreciate our reasons for this maximum limit.

If you need further information about payment and finance, we have listed all of the payment methods we accept on our "Payment & finance" page. Click on the following button to view the list.

Payment & finance information

Frequently asked questions about the selling process

Can I sell my used car to DAT AUTOHUS?
Do you want to sell your car?
Use our convenient and safe vehicle acquisition service and sell your vehicle to us. Provide a few details of your vehicle in our online form and include a few pictures that give us a good impression of the condition it is in.

We will never send you a standard quote; instead, our staff will carry out a detailed valuation of your vehicle and make you a fair price offer.

If you would like to sell your used car to DAT AUTOHUS, please discuss the next steps in the process with your contact person. On request, we will also give you the purchase price for your car directly on the premises in cash.

Please ensure to include as many details as possible; the pictures should preferably be high resolution, as this is the only way for us to be able to give you a reasonably exact valuation price for your vehicle.

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Frequently asked questions about the topic of vehicle valuation

What is the used car seal of approval?
The used car seal of approval confirms that your vehicle has been visually inspected and that all of the technology has been tested. The inspection covers three different modules that must all be completed for the used car seal of approval to be awarded. These modules are called the technical check, the bodywork check and the system check.
If the results of all three are positive, you will be awarded the seal and also receive a certificate. It confirms that a vehicle sold by DAT AUTOHUS AG is in good working order, of a good quality and safe to drive. It also gives you an all-round impression of the overall condition your vehicle.
What does the used car inspection report cover?
On delivery to our premises, each used vehicle is thoroughly valeted inside and out and then inspected by our trained experts for visible potential damages. Anything they notice is recorded in a used car inspection report which all potential customers can access. The report not only lists any damages but also contains all of the technical specifications and lists the accessories. Clear pictures of the vehicle and the damages give you a realistic impression of the vehicle's condition.
Do you carry out German vehicle safety inspections ("HU") on the premises?
To guarantee road safety, every registered vehicle owner in Germany is legally obliged to have their vehicle's roadworthiness and emissions checked at regular intervals; these two inspections are called the vehicle road safety inspection ("HU") and the emissions inspection ("AU"). The expert checks whether the vehicle is roadworthy and meets the safety standards.
For your convenience, this inspection can be carried out on the DAT AUTOHUS premises.

Frequently asked questions about our services

Can I get finance to buy my new used car?
Would you like to pay for your car conveniently and easily in monthly instalments? No problem with DAT AUTOHUS AG. Our sales consultants will help you to choose the term and monthly instalments that are perfect for you. We have cooperated with our reliable and solid partner banks for decades. We ensure fast approval and complete the entire process directly with the bank.
What does the tyre service offer?
Have you found the used car you were looking for, and winter is just around the corner? The Tyre Centre team has an extensive stock of winter tyres at very affordable prices on offer. If the wheels or tyres you are looking for are currently not in stock, the staff will also be happy to order them in for you, of course.

By the way, it's also usually worth your while to pop into the Tyre Centre if you are looking for bargains.
Of course, our service is also available for tyres and complete wheels for summer.

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