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A company car does not always have to be a new car. We offer you a wide choice of inspected used vehicles.
We will be happy to reserve your chosen vehicle for you for a limited period.

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Straightforward vehicle purchase

To be able to take your "new" used car with you straight away, you must have the following documents with you:
  • National identity card
  • Company registration certificate/ certified copy of companies' register entry
  • Enough cash to pay for the vehicle and any potential services
  • Current accounts/business valuation, if you would like to use our finance service*

Should the vehicle still need a German vehicle road safety inspection ("HU") certificate, we will carry this out conveniently and reliably here on the premises. We are sure you will appreciate that this may take a little time.

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Finanzierungs-Service With favourable financing offers for a new used car

Finance service

Garantie-Service Used car guarantees just in case

Warranty service

Versicherungs-Service Find out the cheapest premiums through an online comparison

Insurance service

Tyre service

Late collection fee

From the thirteenth working day after the receipt of your order onwards, we charge a set late collection fee of €30 (including VAT).
We will charge you €5 (including VAT) for each additional day.

Our services

Of course, we also offer you a short-term number plate "express licensing service" so you can drive off in your vehicle straight away. Please bear in mind that the respective process will take a little time, and that you must provide the above-mentioned documents.

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* Bank credit check may also take a little while.