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About us

From the beginning to the present day

Our vehicles were originally only sold to export dealers and business customers. However, private individuals also became increasingly interested in our business model which is why we also started to orientate ourselves directly to end customers a few years ago.

The good thing about this is that you can buy the vehicle at the wholesale price which gives you a great price advantage. We buy large numbers of company vehicles at wholesale terms and we can pass these on to the customer at great value.

The company and its vehicles

In just over 10 years, DAT AUTOHUS AG has established itself as one of Europe’s biggest online used car dealers which sold about 15,000 vehicles in 2016.

We sell former company cars which come primarily from leasing fleets or purchased car pools of large companies. These vehicles are regularly serviced in professional workshops and have a traceable history.

The former company cars are usually not more than 2 to 3 years-old and have been well and responsibly looked after by the drivers as they have to be returned without any major complaints after the leasing period has ended.

DEKRA used car assessments

After we have purchased the vehicles, their optical state is inspected on our premises by DEKRA. At this stage we do not yet carry out any optical or technical repairs which allows us to pass on the great low prices to private as well as business customers.

The DEKRA specialist does, however, compile an initial used car assessment of the vehicle after its admittance. This enables our many export customers, in particular, to assess the vehicle status from a distance without having to view the vehicle in person. Export and business customers have been our customers for many years and they are familiar with the condition of our goods.

Main inspection and approval seal criteria

Optical and technical repairs of any kind are usually not undertaken for re-sellers who usually purchase our vehicles in larger numbers.

This is different for private and business customers: if a customer is interested in one of our ca. 3,000 vehicles which are available daily at one of our sites in Bockel and Bremen, the vehicle will be presented to a DEKRA testing engineer. Depending on the customer, this vehicle is then inspected according to main inspection and/or approval seal criteria and, if necessary, a repair recommendation is provided. This is then clearly presented to the private customer by means of a quotation according to inspection and quality seal criteria. Private customers have the possibility to agree with the Dekra recommendation and place the order or, if they are not satisfied, reject the upcoming purchase. Private customers will not incur any costs apart from the reservation fee, which is agreed separately.

Repairs which are relevant for the seal of approval include: minor/cosmetic repairs or repairs which are not relevant to safety such as dents, scratches and other signs of wear and tear. The necessary repairs (for the main inspection) are relevant to safety, for example defect brakes and insufficient tyre tread depth. A budget is agreed with the private customer two to three days after he has viewed the vehicle. If repairs are necessary, the customer can collect the repaired car only a few days later.

Test drive the vehicles

Test drives with the vehicles are only possible on the company grounds due to the immense number of vehicles – otherwise there would be 200 vehicles with red numbers on the road at the same time on peak days! Besides the DEKRA seal of approval report, you also have the opportunity – to offer you the assurance that you, as private end customer, are receiving a fault-free vehicle – to go on a more extensive test drive with a DEKRA representative during the vehicle handover and this may be outside the company grounds.

For industry and export only

Some vehicles are marked “Industry / Export only”. These are not suitable for the end customer due to their non-insurable vehicle age or mileage or because of certain damages which means they cannot be sold to private customers. These vehicles are only available to purchase for dealers or customers with a business background from Germany or abroad and are usually presented on a separate sales site.