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Buying a car from us is always a special event

You can choose from 3.000 cars, all neatly arranged by car make on our car lot.

This makes it easy to short-list five or six cars. And to take time to make the right decision. A complete price list is available in our main office. You can also use our terminal to inspect the individual reports.

No need to hurry. We’ll look after your children and for you a cup of coffee or two. With good music in the background, it’s almost like home.

Easy to find what you’re looking for

Our large selection of major car makes include Audi, BMW, Ford, Opel, Mercedes and VW as well as all kinds of accessories. All our cars have been serviced and maintained by professional garages according to the manufacturer’s board-book specifications.

We take the headache out of car buying

We can reserve your favourite car for a limited period of time.